Thursday, April 22, 2010

Into Amazonia

I feel so official now- my new book, The Courtship Of Reason is available on Amazon. My publisher, Finishing Line Press, sent me an email this morning telling the good news. I have to say that it seems a little surreal, but I'm danged happy to have my work out there, come what may. Here's the link and please feel free to add a review if you'd like.

Since I'm shamelessly self-promoting the book, I thought I would post one more piece from it.

At Sea

It takes two thousand years
for ocean currents to rise from the deep,
circle the world

and return ancient sailors lost
though their bones turned to memory
in the brine,

still, they come back to us,
speak to those inclined to the sea
not to worry
if their ships are claimed by elementals,

there is another vessel
for the journey.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful news - congratulations on publishing your new book! I enoyed your poem - evokes the ebb and flow of life's energy always in orbit, circulating.